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A multi-touch and multi-user touch screen application at $500 excl. tax*!


Who said touch screen technology is not affordable? AFTER-MOUSE.COM proves it wrong by offering a multi-touch and multi-user touch screen application at $500 excl. tax*: Quiz'Touch. This application has been developed for the brand new tactile unit Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™. Quiz'Touch is a brain teaser allowing four players or teams to compete to answer a series of questions.

This fun, cutting-edge game can be integrated into a diverse, varied range of locations: hotels, leisure parks, restaurants, shops, waiting rooms, etc. Quiz'Touch aims at all sectors of activity. The packed application is customizable: by default, the application contains questions but you can also create your own quiz and insert your logo. Quiz'Touch can be used in multiple ways: to bring together your team at a corporate event, to support the launch of a product, to attract people during a tradeshow or seminar, or simply entertain your customers.

You manage the application's content independently: Quiz'Touch is delivered on a turn-key basis, equipped with extranet in order to allow complete freedom in adding or modifying any content of your quiz. If you are interested to purchase this application, please contact us.

*Price per license (one license per Microsoft® Surface® unit)

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